The Natural Edge

The Natural Edge is the strength, fitness, energy, and mental clarity you get when you leverage the power of your natural habits

The Natural Edge Academy

Unlock Your Natural Potential

The Natural Edge Academy was created so people like you

  … who have been sold the fitness industry lies

     … who are sick of all the conflicting advice

        … who know they have more potential

can create the habits that unlock their bodies’ natural state of great health, high energy, and peak performance.


Corporate Training

We run bespoke, high quality training & experience packages for corporate clients. Using expertise from our UK Special Forces careers we develop teamwork, adaptability, resilience & pressure tolerance in a fun, safe environment.

Dusk 'Til Dawn Microadventures

Get away from the city grind for one night of wild camping under the stars! Meet like-minded people, reset your system and extend the weekend. Available for individuals and corporate clients.


What Do People Say?


"I LOVE that TNE exists. I love the idea and the philosophy behind TNE. I love the practices and I love the videos. I love the holistic and scientific take on improving health and performance. And most of all I love how this engaging community helps me be consistent in working towards my goals as a person, as an MMA practitioner and as an MD.

Simon has given me a deeper understanding for the importance of sleeping well and eating healthy for overall well-being and performance. And TNE helped me get these fundamentals in order, which has made me a happier and more fit person with sustainable healthy habits, and thanks to TNE I’m 1% better every day."

Ioni Appelberg, Sweden


"I’ve been finding The Natural Edge to be a brilliant resource in regards to making more informed choices about various aspects of my lifestyle, especially in terms of sleeping and recovery. The community is really helpful and friendly, always interesting to hear other people’s experiences. I’ve found their philosophy of ‘small steps lead to big changes’ to work really well for me."

Christine Maier, Yogishapes

Roger Jamieson

"Looking for a change? That’s an expansive question. For me my job involves many hours of being fully alert and focused, schedule running around the clock, changing day to day. In my industry we rely on buckets of coffee and energy drinks to maintain this vigilance. I knew this was not a sustainable path for a healthy life. I found “The Natural Edge”, and sent a message asking if they had a plant based natural fix that could help. I got a prompt reply from Simon telling me to try fasting and how to go about doing it. Now at work the energy drinks are gone, the coffee is on standby, I’m awake my mind is sharp and I feel clean. This is just a very small aspect of what The Natural Edge is, but if your in a rut, looking for a healthier planet friendly sustainable performance boost, an adventure or even a micro adventure. This is the team you want, they live it."

Roger Jamieson, Airline Transport Pilot, Captain Falcon 900EX