The Natural Edge was founded in 2017, but the journey really started several years earlier when I met John Sykes-Popham whilst both serving as Royal Marine Commandos.

Rewind to 2009 and I’m working in a job that placed huge demands on the body and mind, and where second place could result in serious injury or death.

BUT I’m also happy.

Fast forward 8 years, I’m 34 years old, living back at home, earning VERY little money.

Not only that, John, has moved in because we are flat broke after pouring everything into our first business venture which was a spectacular failure.

If you’re picturing the movie Step Brothers you’d be close to reality, minus the bunk beds!!!

It won’t be for another 6 months that TNE is paying enough for me to move out, and drive my own car again.

(Yes, John and I shared £375 worth of silver Ford Focus aka The Falcon!)

BUT I’m also happy.

It has taken another 4 years of continuous trial and error for us to bring TNE to where it is today.


Completing tours of duty in hostile environments.

Starting a business and struggling to make money.

Both are hard and require setting high expectations and potentially failing to always meet them.

They involved pain, struggle, even despair, yet they have given me some of the most meaningful moments and activities of my life.


Because they have allowed me to become my ideal self.

Happiness itself is not within you.

It’s the perpetual pursuit of fulfilling your ideal self that grants you happiness, regardless of superficial pleasures or pain, regardless of positive or negative emotions.

This is why some people are happy working on frontline hospital trauma wards, and others hate late nights partying.


If you are acting out your ideal self, then you won’t feel the need to try to be happy, you will simply experience more happiness.

Through our mindset coaching we help people to work out who they truly are, what they value, and how they want to live their life.

This is a process of discovery, decision and action—a feedback loop of discovering who you are, deciding who you want to be, and acting in alignment.

Every moment in your life is an opportunity for self-determination.

Who you are is your choice to make, and it has a direct impact on the happiness you experience.