The Natural Edge was founded in 2017, but the journey really started in 2009 when Simon & John met whilst serving as Royal Marine Commandos and operating alongside UK Special Forces. Working in a job that placed huge demands on the body and mind, and where second place could result in serious injury or death, sparked a deep interest in human performance.

Along the way they realised how many people are struggling in modern society with their physical and mental health. Sick and tired of the misinformation and half truths that confuse people and confuse an already complex topic, they decided to do something about it.

And to help do this we brought together an awesome team of people…

Team Members



After parting ways in the military, with John continuing as a RM tactical signaller, and Simon to serve with the SBS, they joined forces in 2017 to create TNE. Starting out by running adventure trips and coaching small groups on health and mindset, they realised there was a need for a more balanced and holistic approach to counter the confusion and bad information that fills the fitness industry. Moving forward they have been joined by a fantastic team who share their passion for positive change.



Clinically trained Dietitian specialising in lifestyle nutrition, with a post-grad from the International Olympic Committee, Ironman triathlete & currently holding a powerlifting record for Great Britain. Rachel is also qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and commencing (another) post grad in Advanced Psychotherapy. Rachel's nutrition course has been designed to educate and empower you to create long term positive eating habits that are sustainable.


team ed

Royal Marines PTI, who has worked with everyone from royalty to Hollywood actors & Olympic athletes, and coached North Face athletes who are pioneering the most extreme outdoor pursuits on the planet. As well as participating in some of the toughest multi-day running events on the planet. Ed's programmes will provide the structure to challenge you, build resilience, integrate quality movement patterns, and create a fulfilling training experience.


team dave

Ex-Royal Marines Commando who then spent 6 years in the Fire and Rescue service, whilst becoming a fully qualified PT, Kettlebell Instructor and 500 hour Yoga teacher. David specialises in and teaches movement through a wide range of modalities including calisthenics, hand-balancing, mobility sequencing, yoga and martial arts. His knowledge will provide you with a comprehensive understanding and solid foundation for you to reach your goals whatever they are.

Dr Ruth Wilde


Military doctor for 17 years before setting up her Integrative Medicine practice in 2017. As well as medicine, Ruth has life coaching, personal training and massage therapy qualifications. Ruth focuses on finding the balance that is right for the individual, and firmly believes that mindset and lifestyle underpin excellent health. Ruth has a background in strength training and running and will be found outdoors, by the sea, whenever possible.



Top Mindset coach who has worked with the likes of Brent Fikowski, CrossFit Games silver medalist. Through accumulating 10,000 hours of coaching athletes, becoming a Royal Marines Reservist and mentoring under sports psychologists, Tom has developed a system of mental mastery based in both cutting edge neuroscience and millennia-old philosophies. His course will "rewire" the subconscious mind, grow positivity and create mental-emotional stability.