Both former Royal Marine Commandos, our journey started in 2009 whilst serving with UK Special Forces. Working in a job that placed huge demands on the body and mind, and where second place could result in serious injury or death, sparked a deep interest in human performance.

Along the way we became sick and tired of the misinformation and half truths that confuse people and confuse an already complex topic. Instead of searching for the latest supplement we began to focus on basic truths that provide the biggest positive benefits.

Now our passion is sharing the lessons we have learned with as many people as possible, through online courses, coaching, live events and adventures, to help everyone from CEO’s and athletes to stay-at-home parents to maximise their potential.


Health First

Everything you do is affected by or enabled by health, and putting it first gives you the best chance of living the most fulfilling life you possibly can.

Human Biology

It’s in our DNA to run, to play, to hunt & forage, to be active. Combining modern life with lessons from the past can make us fitter and healthier.

Broad Principles/ Specific Actions

There is no ‘one size fits all’. Certain principles can benefit everyone, but your personality, circumstances, genetics, etc. will dictate how this process will look.

Body & Mind

Success comes from your daily process, not willpower. Forming habits through small, consistent actions are the key to achieving your goals.

Critical Thinking

An evidence based approach of rational and flexible thinking combined with skepticism moves us away from emotional speculation and closer to science.

about simon


Growing up on a farm, exploring the wild was enough to hook me on a life fueled by adventure. Joining the military after university saw me travel and work across the globe, from patrolling under humid jungle canopies in Malaysia, to skiing the icy snowfields of Norway.

Three operational tours later, along with the privilege of serving in Special Forces, I decided to strike out for something different. After a brief interlude in a London consultancy firm I have found my true path, helping change the way we approach health and performance.

My other passion is doing my small bit to help tilt the balance in favor of a better, more compassionate, more responsible world. To protect the wild spaces I love to climb, run and swim in so others can enjoy their own adventures in the future.


Like Simon I also hold a deep love for everything in the outdoors, borne from a childhood spent running around woods and swimming in rivers with my two brothers and sister.

I joined the Royal Marines in 2007 and after being posted to 45 Commando I completed my first tour of Afghanistan, working in Helmand province defending the Kajakai Dam. Returning from this led to a move into the Special Forces group as a tactical signaler where I spent the remainder of my career.

Serving at an elite level in an environment where you are always pushing the boundaries of performance, combined with my interest in analytics from my university days fueled a desire to find the best combination of training and nutrition for optimum health. A quest myself and Simon are continuing with TNE!

about jsp



Ed Norman

As a Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor, and with over a decade of experience in personal training and sports performance, Ed is TNE’s professional training coach.

When not instructing the next generation of commandos, Ed works with everyone from royalty to Hollywood actors and Olympic athletes. If this wasn’t enough he also finds time to consult for leading outdoor brands, including running a flagship program for The North Face at the head of 15 thriving European communities. This project has also seen Ed coach and advise The North Face athletes who are pioneering the most extreme outdoor pursuits on the planet.

A formidable endurance athlete in his own right Ed has participated in some of the toughest multi day running events on the planet, and is currently in training to beat a UK endurance record.


about tom

Tom is a mindset coach who works with both elite and recreational athletes - those looking to improve their fitness but have no ambitions of winning championships. Through his personal experience accumulating 10,000 hours of coaching athletes, becoming a Royal Marines Reservist and mentoring under sports psychologists and licensed councillors, Tom has developed a system designed to take athletes from their current level of fitness to the level they dream of.

Tom works on "rewiring" the subconscious mind, growing positivity and creating mental-emotional stability so the athlete - whatever their level - can make the choices best for them. His system isn't a "just get on with it" approach, but a comprehensive guide to mental mastery based in both cutting edge neuroscience and millennia old philosophies.


“Since following TNE my health and lifestyle has improved a great deal. In the beginning my diet wasn’t great, so I decided to start off small. I can honestly say I feel so much better for it, my performance in the gym has improved, as well as my body shape and how much energy I have.”


“After struggling with my weight for years I really think I have found a place where I can not only improve my weight but also myself as a person. I feel part of a growing community of like minded people who want to not only improve themselves but help you improve yourself.”


“The changes around my nutrition have led to me being generally being happier, my training has come on amazingly and I have again learnt to listen and respect my body. The team are so supportive, informative and above all passionate. I am so grateful to have found this!”