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I’m Simon Jeffries. In 2015, after 8 years and three tours as a Special Forces soldier I swapped the battlefield for the boardroom and joined a management consultancy in London.

It was prestigious and well paid BUT it wasn’t the right fit.

My answer was to start a side hustle with the intention of making enough money to quit and be my own boss. Fast forward 12 months, hundreds of hours and a negative bank balance and I admitted defeat.

Then, in 2017, I had a BIG wake up call.

I realised that I wasn’t ‘me’ anymore. I lacked the strong sense of self that I used to have.

So, I quit my job and my ego, and started from scratch on something I was truly passionate about; mindset and human performance.

Now I run The Natural Edge.


We combine real world knowledge and experience with neuroscience and psychology to remove limitations, and forge peak performance.

3 Different Ways I Can Help You


FREE Tips & Tactics

Get actionable mindset tips forged through real world experience on Special Forces operations, combined with 10,000+ hours coaching expertise.


FREE Limitless Challenge

5 days. 10 minutes of action each day. Simple steps to crush negative thinking, get absolute clarity on your purpose & build unshakeable self-belief.


Tier 1 Mindset

Ready to be confident, happy and achieving your full potential? My 12 week programme will allow you to live life on your terms as the person you want to be.