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Take A Tactical Pause

‘I don’t have time to stop’ how often do you say this, especially when you feel under pressure? But what if pausing could get you to your goals more quickly? More efficiently even?

How To Beat Imposter Syndrome

We’ve all experienced it. That nagging voice at the back of your head that says ‘you’re not good/knowledgeable enough and soon everyone will find out’.

I want what’s mine

Last week I wrote about ego and its power to hold back your potential and kill your happiness. Well, I received some questions like this one… “How can I remove my ego entirely?”

The thing I hated but needed most…

There is nothing more powerful than your self-belief. Rolling along the dusty track into a small village on the outskirts of Kabul I could feel the atmosphere intensifying…

The Only Diet That Matters

Whatever we do in this world dictates the outcomes and results that occur in our lives. But, WHY do you make certain decisions, take certain actions and say certain things?

Create Inevitable Success

There is one common theme that comes up time and again in stories of success… But, it’s the thing that kills progress for most people.

How Strong Is Your Character?

A riddle for you… What is the one thing others see in you, and who all of your loved ones will remember you as (and can only be built by you)?