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Featured Why Stress Is The Gateway To Success

Getting fit and healthy is a very real battle for many of us, and it’s one that statistics suggest we are losing. Even though we have more access to information and resources than ever before, we cannot seem to turn the tide against rising problems with physical and mental health. But what if there were…


I have often been called ‘stoic’ in my approach, and I would agree with this observation but perhaps not in the way it was intended. Stoic is defined as either enduring pain or hardship without showing feelings or complaining, or as a member of the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism. Coming from a military background,…

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12 min


The 1.5km ocean swim had gone better than expected thanks to glorious weather and extremely flat water. Transitioning for the bike I had a confidence and enthusiasm that saw me hit a faster than usual pace on the 40km out and back ride. I felt strong. But as soon as I started the 10km run…

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7 min

What Are You Telling Yourself?

How do you push yourself through hardship when your body is telling you to quit? This is a question that I’ve been asked many times about my experiences in the military, and it is not an easy one to answer. There have been several studies on why one person can push through while another will…

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9 min

Get In The Zone

10 minutes to target. Rowse yourself from sleep, turn off the music you’ve been listening to, or whatever else you’ve been doing for the past hour to kill the helicopter flight time … 5 minutes out. Start stripping off warm jackets, and physically check off your kit. Mentally transition all thoughts to the job. Focus…

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11 min

A Roadmap For Mindset: Part I

The human brain is the most incredible piece of machinery we possess. It can help us achieve amazing feats. It can be our own worst enemy. Everyone can improve their mindset.

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8 min

Who Are You

Christmas is over. An entire year of possibility is stretching out before you and it’s exciting to think about what you can achieve by the same time next year.

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10 min

Master Thyself

Being fully responsible for your own actions and consequences is a choice. A foundation for a successful life. A prerequisite for happiness.

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6 min