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Conquer Your F.E.A.R.

What is the number one reason why many people fail, or worse never even start…


It is your sense of fear that derails you from success more often than any actual failed attempts at success.

In fact it is by far the biggest killer of your achievement.

Throughout human history we have needed fear as a survival mechanism, back when we faced life or death situations on a regular basis.

It’s an emotional response to a real threat, like crossing paths with a sabre tooth tiger!

And we still have this in the modern world…

Car crashes…

Being mugged…

Falling into deep water.

This type of physical fear is a good thing because it helps to keep you safe.

But, here’s the problem…

There is another type of fear. 

A fear that takes hold and strangles your hopes and desires.

It’s F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

There is no true threat of immediate physical danger.

Your life is not at risk.

F.E.A.R. is an illusion that your mind creates to keep you in your comfort zone.

Your brain is hardwired to keep you safe and stick with what’s familiar, so when you try new things it says…

 “Nope, I don’t like this” 

And it starts feeding you hormones that will trigger thoughts and emotions like anxiety, worry and self-doubt.

Plus, it breeds behaviours like procrastination, the ultimate dream killer!

Takeaway Tactic

How do you conquer F.E.A.R?

Well, it’s like anxiety which is an emotion raised purely by your thoughts in response to a stimulus.

In this case, past failures & experiences are what generate ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’.

F.E.A.R. happens when you relate past experiences or knowledge to situations that your brain has told you are similar.

But just because a situation is similar, it does not mean the same result will happen.

If you fail at starting up your own business the first time around, does that mean you will fail every single time you try again?

Absolutely not! (Otherwise I wouldn’t be sending you this email from The Natural Edge).

Your past failures ARE NOT evidence that you will fail in the future…

Unless you are not learning from previous experiences and doing the EXACT same thing over and over again!

So, the formula for conquering F.E.A.R. is simple.

Try + Learn + Adapt + Try = Success

And, who knows… sometimes the formula can look like this,

Try = Succeed!

One thing is for certain though.

You won’t achieve success until you try that thing you have been thinking about.

The time is NOW!

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