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Create Inevitable Success

There is one common theme that comes up time and again in stories of success…

But, it’s the thing that kills progress for most people.

It’s your focus!

You’ll know which camp you fall into with the answer to one simple question:

How much of your day do you spend focused and productive versus how much is spent procrastinating and distracted?

The degree of separation in your answer is the separation between mediocrity and greatness.

All big achievers in history had an unprecedented amount of focus which resulted in them creating and materialising amazing things. 

I’m talking about the Van Goghs, the Albert Einstein’s, the J.K. Rowling’s the Michael Jordan’s, and Oprah’s of the world.

BUT the same is true for you and me.

Do we spend our days productive and satisfied, or distracted and stressed?

Takeaway Tactic

Whether you want to be a leader in your field or just feel happy with your results you must hold your labour to the highest of standards and become a person of depth.

The simplest way to achieve this…


  • Concentrate on a few work projects rather than many.
  • Cultivate fewer but deeper and richer relationships.
  • Accept fewer invitations and prioritise what’s really important.
  • Practice and master a small number of skills rather than skimming many.

An INTENSE concentration on what matters will create a life packed with big achievements and day to day happiness. 

The temptations of distraction are everywhere… TV, Apps, social media, email, people, even our own thoughts.

Even high achievers aren’t free from distraction.

But they choose to focus on those all important daily decisions that feed their ambition and happiness.

And mastering your daily distractions will give you a huge MCA.

I know what you’re thinking, what is a MCA?

MCA: Massive Competitive Advantage.

Start hardwiring this as your default by doing less and going deeper.

Consistency is the DNA of Mastery.

Wonderful things don’t happen by sudden revolution…

They materialise via incremental evolution.

Start today by looking for the small wins that will increase your focus and kill your distraction.

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