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We show people just like you how to build the healthiest body and mind possible.

True Health Is A Superpower!

Waking up with a clear head and full of energy?

Having focus and drive all day long?

Feeling confident, happy and stress free?

Excited to exercise and achieve your training goals?



We are Simon Jeffries and John Sykes-Popham

Our journey started in 2009 whilst serving with UK Special Forces. Working in a job that placed huge demands on the body and mind, and where second place could result serious injury or death, sparked a deep interest in human performance. Along the way we became sick and tired of the misinformation and half truths that confuse people and confuse an already complex topic.

Now our passion is sharing the lessons we have learned with as many people as possible, to help everyone achieve the best health they can.

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In-depth courses & training
Access our course library with modules on mindset, sleep, nutrition and training plus access to the weekly Q&A session

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Weekly focus blog, downloads, checklists and more - plus receive special perks & discounts on upcoming adventures

Active, Supportive Community
Feedback, support and motivation from fellow members on the same journey as you to keep you on track and accountable

Roger Jamieson

"I’m awake, my mind is sharp and I feel clean...if you’re looking for a performance boost, this is the team you want, they live it.”

Roger Jamieson
Captain, Airline Transport Pilot

Rachel Phillips

“I can honestly say it feels like the start of something big!! I have energy, I'm focused, I'm more positive and I'm sleeping better.”

Rachel Phillips
Preparing for Everest Base Camp

Richard Cook

“TNE brings us back to the roots of true optimal human performance and longevity, by providing a blueprint that makes it achievable to live a wholesome, balanced life."

Richard Cook
Canadian Military

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Personalised 1-on-1 Help
Bespoke coaching for your unique goals and circumstances to help you make the most of your time and get the changes you want

No 'Magic' Supplements
Insightful advice to unlock real consistency and give you the tools and habits to maximise every area of your life

Holistic Approach
Tracking and analysis of sleep, nutrition and movement to identify the root cause of problems and provide actionable strategies to fix them

“I am back training, back to a normal sleep pattern, my mood has improved dramatically, my skin has improved and I am back in my competitive spirit.”

Shirley Alexandra, Competitive Shooter

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Health Retreats
Trips at home and abroad allowing people to escape the grind of modern life, meet like-minded people, reset and reboot

Corporate & Group Experience Days
Bespoke high quality training & experience packages to develop teamwork, adaptability, and resilience

Short, simple, local adventures in great locations that are fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding

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Kev Barnsley

"TNE has a thriving community of like minded individuals sharing their experiences, recipes, information and tips for a better quality of life. I have some big plans for this and next year, including running across Iceland. The Natural Edge has my back, of that I have no doubt.”

Kev Barnes

Katie Dorey

“TNE is not a diet plan or exercise programme, but what it is, is a guide through the minefield of 'health', how to boost your performance through diet, sleep and habits. I am in no way an athlete, but I am a mum who now has more energy, spark, determination and drive, simply by making lifestyle changes and I couldn't ask for anything more.”

Katie Dorey


“I love the idea and the philosophy behind TNE. I love the holistic and scientific take on improving health and performance. And most of all I love how this engaging community helps me be consistent in working towards my goals."

Ioni Appelberg
Doctor & MMA Practitioner