A Blueprint For Resilience

What We Do

We help individuals & teams eliminate stress & forge resilience to optimise long-term performance and well-being.



Online coaching to build a strong, resilient body and mind.


Events & Adventures

Bespoke experiences to learn skills, reset the mind & reboot the body.

Limitless 30/30 Challenge

Crush Stress, Build Mental Resilience & Dramatically Increase Your Energy Levels In Just 30 Days


Events & Adventures

We run trips in the UK and abroad allowing people to escape the grind of modern life, bond with others, reset the mind and reboot the body.

  • 24 - 48hr Microadventures
  • 3 - 5 day Resilience Workshops
  • 7 Day Health & Performance Retreats

Shed the stresses of modern life, soak up the natural environment, replenish mental resources and return to civilisation refreshed.

Who We Are

The Natural Edge was founded in 2017, but the journey really started in 2009 when Simon & John met whilst serving as Royal Marine Commandos and operating alongside UK Special Forces. Working in a job that placed huge demands on the body and mind, and where second place could result in serious injury or death, sparked a deep interest in human performance.

Along the way they realised how many people are struggling in modern society with their physical and mental health. Sick and tired of the misinformation and half truths that confuse people and confuse an already complex topic, they decided to do something about it.


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