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禊 Misogi: BRECON

Do you have the fortitude to expose yourself to physical and mental hardship and test your true potential?

22-24 October 2021

Blaen y Glyn Uchaf Car Park, Talybont-on-Usk, Brecon Beacons, CF48 2UT

Friday 22nd 18:00 - Sunday 24th 09:00 October 2021

Limited to 20 places.

Your Capacity Is Far Greater Than You Realise

We live in a lapdog culture – progressively sheltered, sterile, temperature-controlled, overfed, underchallenged, safety-netted lives.

Most of us live in a small space and have no idea what exists on the edges of our potential.

To actively eliminate limitations and increase capability you must accept the possibility of failure, and embrace physical and psychological discomfort.

For real growth to occur you must explore the edge of your comfort zone.

By truly testing yourself you develop an internal capacity that leaves you more robust and resilient.

You will emerge physically harder, mentally tougher, and spiritually sounder.


禊 Misogi

The Edge Of Your Potential

Misogi is about testing your abilities in a foreign environment.

There are no spectators.

It’s not a fitness competition, marathon or a Tough Mudder.

It’s really fucking hard and you have a 50 percent chance of success, at best.

It will test your physical, psychological, and spiritual fortitude.

Regardless of the outcome you’ll emerge far beyond your previous limits.



Misogi is you against you.

It is not about beating a time, or another person.

For that reason you will not know the nature of the challenge until you arrive on the day.

Training for, and running a marathon is not a Misogi.

Stepping out of your front door tomorrow and attempting a marathon when you’re pretty sure you’re only capable of 10 miles is a Misogi.

A strong chance of failure is a key component of Misogi.

BUT it is not a mindless thrashing, there will be a clear objective to aim for.


Arrive: 1800 Friday 22nd October

Depart: 1000 Sunday 24th October

What You Will Need: Suitable outdoor clothing and equipment to sustain yourself for 48hrs.

You will be outdoors for your entire misogi, crossing arduous terrain and carrying everything you need (food, water, sleeping kit etc).

Your Physical Capacity: The minimum ability level for this Misogi is the ability to hike 15km over hilly terrain carrying 30lbs.

No Social Media: There will be no details published about the Misogi you take part in.

Misogi is inward facing.

You are going to do something that’s really uncomfortable. You will want to quit.

And it’s going to be hard not to quit because no one is watching. But you will not quit IF you remember that YOU are watching.

There comes deep satisfaction from knowing that you are the only person watching yourself and still rising to the occasion.

You do not need an audience or pat on the back for that.


You will receive guidance to help you prepare your mindset for the Misogi.

Facing adversity is training, not self-destruction; it’s systematic with a well-defined purpose, and effective methodology to stretch your boundaries and progressively immunise yourself against fear, anxiety and intimidation.

A significant piece of this process is the evolution of mindset—learning to embrace and even seek challenge rather than avoid it, and to consciously determine and control our reactions and attitude in any circumstances.

During the build up to your Misogi you will receive training based on real world experience conducting military operations in high-pressure, hostile environments combined with neuroscience and psychology.


No matter your starting point, your experience will be transformative.

The Team


The team taking you through your Misogi will all be ex-military. A mix of former UK Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos and QAs. They have a wealth of experience from careers that placed huge demands on the body and mind, training and operating in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

They understand the power that comes from confronting risk, fear and adversity – the physical and psychological resilience that comes from overcoming discomfort.

You will have direct access to their wealth of knowledge and experience for the duration of your Misogi.


Where Does Misogi Come From?

The first written reference occurs in the eighth century, in a myth about a god named Izanagi who travels to the netherworld to find his wife, Izanami.

Izanagi must break through the caverns of hell. Demons and monsters grabbed at him, trying to pull him downward. Failure seemed imminent. He nearly gave up. But he dug deep mentally and physically, kept pushing, and eventually burst from the cavern’s entrance.

Izanagi then dove into a nearby freezing river to purify himself from the degradations of hell. The experience rocketed him into a state of sumikiri, pure clarity of mind and body, and removed all his impurities, weaknesses, and past limits.

It made him tougher in mind, body, and spirit.

The state of sumikiri provided by Misogi is why ancient students of aikido would immerse themselves in natural bodies of cold water. Waterfalls, streams, or the ocean would wash away their defilements and reconnect them with the universe.

A modern Misogi offers a hard brain, body, and spirit reboot from our increasingly overly comfortable modern environment which causes us to miss out on profound human experiences.

A Misogi can show you the latent potential you have deep within you. That you can go further than you ever believed.

It produces a kind of physical and mental toughness that you simply cannot develop in the modern, sterile world.

Excuses have to be dropped. Your mind has to focus.

Everything falls into place when you embrace discomfort and hardship.

What Happens If I Can’t Complete The Misogi?

If you choose to stop, or we deem that you should not continue, you will be looked after by the team until the Misogi ends.

Remember that Misogi is not about whether the challenge is completed, but how you face it.

How you face adversity and respond to it.

Most people spend their entire life not having any idea what it’s like out on the edge of their potential, and in doing so they miss something really vital.

No matter how far you get you will experience a transformation of character.

A Misogi is not a tick box challenge, it is about you exploring your limits.

What Kit Do I Need?

You will need the basic outdoor kit for a 48hr period:

  • Sturdy boots
  • Comfortable, warm, waterproof outdoor clothing
  • Hiking rucksack
  • Tent or bivy system
  • Sleeping bag

When you sign up we will send you a list of everything you need, along with recommendations to suit all budgets.

How Fit Do I Need To Be?

The minimum level for this Misogi is the ability to hike 15km over hilly terrain carrying 30lbs (13.5kg). If you are unable to do that then your chance of completing this Misogi will be less than 10%.

Do I Need To Be Able To Swim?

No, you do not need to be able to swim.

Is Food Provided?

No, you'll need to bring 48 hours worth of food. We will cover everything to bring food wise once you sign up.

Can I Bring My Dog?




Blaen y Glyn Uchaf Car Park, Talybont-on-Usk, CF48 2UT