Bulletproof Your Body Training Workshops

Increase total performance, build resilience and break through your plateaus, with simple, easy to learn techniques, taught by expert coaches.

12 - 13 June 2021

11:00-18:00 Saturday 12th
08:00-15:00 Sunday 13th

FIT3SIXTY Gym, Worcester, WR4 9EL


Join us for one of the individual days or the full weekend and fast track your progress by working directly with expert coaches.

  Master the movement patterns which maximise your potential and decrease your risk of injury

  Increase mobility by unlocking weak and restricted areas to create a strong and functional body

  Create a “fit for purpose” core so you can undertake a vast array of multi-discipline tasks with confidence

  Enable your body to move with ease through short and simple drills that anybody can master

  Reap the benefit of personal tuition with some of the best movement coaches in the UK


Day 1 - Master The Fundamentals


Saturday 12th June 1100 - 1800

Are you getting the most out of your training efforts?

Good form means proper body alignment, stability and learning how to correctly work the targeted area. Do this and you’ll reap all the benefits of your workout and avoid injuries at the same time.

TNE coaches have the experience and expertise to work with your biomechanics so that you:

  • Execute movements correctly
  • Generate greater strength and power
  • Optimise mobility and avoid injury

This will make a HUGE difference to your results.

During the workshop you will cover:

The Hip Hinge

Hip hinge mechanics act as the pillar in all your lower body lifts. Done correctly it can drastically improve your strength, power and reduce the risk of injury. Done poorly and it exposes you to lower back, knee and hip issues. Learning this skill can literally be life changing.

The Bilateral Squat

The King of all lower body exercises but often performed badly. We will delve into the power of cueing when it comes to the squat, and its positive impacts on the alignment and depth of the movement. Learning this is key in giving you maximal gains so you are squatting pain free and are continually progressing long term.

The Unilateral Squat

If you want to see extensive development in your athletic power and limit any overuse injuries then learning the unilateral squat is vital.

Upper Body Push / Pull Movements

Having a balance in your upper body training will develop symmetry in your physique, improve posture, and optimise your potential to perform. Through good spinal mechanics your upper body development will see drastic improvements upon completion of this tutorial.

Core Training

We will show you the true function of the core and how a lot of the core strengthening that you see in the industry really doesn't have a place in the role and actions the core actually undertakes. Having a "fit for purpose" core means you can undertake a vast array of multi-discipline tasks with ease. In future this will enable you to challenge yourself with conviction; be it lifting more weight, running faster or further, or climbing that summit that you never thought was possible. 

Conditioning Fundamentals

A tutorial on how to simplify conditioning to elicit the best results. Simply put, the more efficient you are at moving at speed with quality patterns, the better gains you will see. We will showcase a mix of scenarios and program templates for you to trial and breakdown. Having a good level of conditioning is hugely important, and understanding how best to utilise this area of your training will allow a whole lifetime of fun and challenging training. 


Ask questions throughout the day and receive advice and guidance from top quality instructors.

Day 2 - Mastering Movement

Sunday 13th June 0800 - 1500

Human beings are built for motion.

But in the modern world we sit for hours at a time, and follow training regimes that have little movement variety.

This creates imbalances and leaves you vulnerable.

Mastering Movement will teach you the key attributes to make movement natural and easy, and create a stronger, more resilient body.

By the end of the day you will have a versatile toolbox to improve your mobility, strength, reactions, balance and coordination.

ed stretch

During the workshop you will cover:


During the workshop we will explore how to dial into weak and restricted areas and how to begin to unlock these in the correct manner to create a strong and functional body that "bends and doesn't break". This section of the workshop will explore mobility via our evolutionary development, beginning with the spine.


Play is a creative element required to discover and develop key attributes that exist outside of a rigid structure. You will learn specific drills including; reactions, timings, partner assisted mobility, evasion, absorption / deflection and projection, weight shifting, movement riddles and much more.

Primal Movement

A range of drills that will improve overall; balance, coordination, proprioceptive feedback, strength, reactions and conditioning.

Handstands & Calisthenics

We will explore some of the key elements required to enhance your training as well as an insight into basic inversions and varied movement patterns. The art of hand-balancing and calisthenics focuses on the vast amount of different ways you can use your own body to challenge any level regardless whether you are a complete beginner or advanced level practitioner.


Ask questions throughout the day and receive advice and guidance from top quality instructors.

Meet The Team

team ed

Royal Marines PTI, who has worked with everyone from royalty to Hollywood actors & Olympic athletes, and coached North Face athletes who are pioneering the most extreme outdoor pursuits on the planet. As well as participating in some of the toughest multi-day running events on the planet. Ed's programmes will provide the structure to challenge you, build resilience, integrate quality movement patterns, and create a fulfilling training experience.

team dave

Ex-Royal Marines Commando who then spent 6 years in the Fire and Rescue service, whilst becoming a fully qualified PT, Kettlebell Instructor and 500 hour Yoga teacher. David specialises in and teaches movement through a wide range of modalities including calisthenics, hand-balancing, mobility sequencing, yoga and martial arts. His knowledge will provide you with a comprehensive understanding and solid foundation for you to reach your goals whatever they are.


TNE founders Simon and John will also be on hand to assist throughout the weekend. In between teaching they will be on hand to answer any questions on mindset, based on their experience with UK Special Forces. 


The weekend will be held in the fantastic space provided by the gym Fit3Sixty. Due to the large amount of space available we will easily be able to comply with government COVID-19 regulations.



How will each day run?

Each day will be split into two 3 hour blocks with enough time in between for a lunch break. This will provide challenges and help to expand every participants' awareness of their innate and potential ability to move better, prevent injury and encourage longevity.

Do I have to do both days?

No, you can do each individual day as you choose but the timings have been designed with people doing the full weekend in mind (time to travel on Saturday and Sunday). Mastering both the fundamentals and improving movement both compliment each other, so we highly recommend attending both for the full benefit.

What kit do I need?

You only need comfortable gym clothes, that's it.

Are food and accommodation provided?

No. We recommend bringing your own food on the day for lunch but if you are unable to do so there are food retailers close by. We have allowed ample time on the day to have a relaxed lunch break and for food to digest.

How fit do I need to be and how much experience do I need?

You do not need to be fit to attend these days. You are going to learn the techniques to take a giant leap forward in your training no matter whether you are a beginner and out of shape, or you already have some experience and a good level of fitness.

Will you comply with COVID-19 guidelines?

Yes, we will be complying with government recommendations.

Is there parking available?

Yes there is a car park outside of the gym, plus several options close by.

Can I get a train to the venue?

Yes, Worcester Shrub Hill train station is literally opposite the gym!