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Stop This Right Now

We all do it.

Me, you, and everyone else on the planet.

BUT, unless you are VERY careful, comparing yourself to others will be a recipe for anxiety, stress and disappointment. 

However, IF you follow 3 simple rules you can actually benefit from this natural born desire to size yourself up against other people. 

What usually happens is this…

Your internal thoughts, and feelings drive your external behaviours.

And so when you compare yourself to somebody else it leads to thoughts and feelings of:

  • Jealousy & resentment
  • Not being good enough
  • Frustration & Unhappiness

Which leads to behaviours like:

  • Withdrawing from people or opportunities
  • Lashing out with criticism 
  • Turning to food or alcohol to numb the negative sensations

As a result you surrender control of your life to an external force.

To be confident and happy you need to take back control by mastering your biological need to compare yourself to others.

Evolution has trained your brain to use comparison to figure out how you measure up to other people.

“It’s one of the most basic ways we develop an understanding of who we are, what we’re good at, and what we’re not so good at.”

Thomas Mussweiler, Organisational Behaviour, London Business School

Most of the time, this calculation is made in a split second in the background, and you