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Featured Why Stress Is The Gateway To Success

Getting fit and healthy is a very real battle for many of us, and it’s one that statistics suggest we are losing. Even though we have more access to information and resources than ever before, we cannot seem to turn the tide against rising problems with physical and mental health. But what if there were…






Ioni Appelberg

I LOVE that TNE exists. I love the idea and the philosophy behind TNE. I love the academy. I love the practices and I love the videos. I love the holistic and scientific take on improving health and performance. And most of all I love how this engaging community helps me be consistent in working towards my goals as a person, as an MMA practitioner and as an MD.

Simon has given me a deeper understanding for the importance of sleeping well and eating healthy for overall well-being and performance. And TNE helped me get these fundamentals in order, which has made me a happier and more fit person with sustainable healthy habits, and thanks to TNE I’m 1% better every day.


Stefan Cook

Up to about 5 years ago, I took my fitness and wellbeing completely for granted. I knew a thing or two about training, was in good shape and couldn't understand why anyone would let themselves get out of condition. Then, when a tough new job coincided with the birth of my first son, I learned the hard way.

I let things slide for a few years and got a real shock when I realised I couldn't keep up with my 3yr old! I started to think seriously about what I might miss out on, if I let things go on that way.

The problem was, when I tried to address the issue, I found my old approach to training and nutrition was no longer effective or even practicable for my condition – I was permanently fatigued, injury prone and even gentle workouts left me feeling dreadful for days. I was frustrated, confused and nearly threw in the towel, accepting my situation as an irreversible consequence of approaching middle age and having burned the candle at both ends for too long.

It was at this point that I came to TNE, to understand where I was going wrong and whether I could actually still do something about it – and the result has been a new lease of life for me.

Their coaching lead me to develop an entirely new perspective on what wellbeing and performance actually mean to me i.e. in the context of my current life – not the life I had in my late 20s. The academy dispelled a number of misleading 'truths' around nutrition and training to which I had been clinging, and showed me how to unlock the power of positive habit formation, building a tailored strategy based on recovery and optimisation, to ensure a sustainable approach that would evolve as I gradually rebuilt my health.

The impact has been game changing in all areas of my life – far beyond my ability to run a few miles or shift a few pounds. My physical and emotional resilience to challenges at work and at home, my immune system, my entire outlook on life – all have been dramatically enhanced (along with my six-pack – which meant more to me than I was ever prepared to admit) and this is only the beginning.

The transformation has been so powerful, that I have even begun competing in events that I would never previously have dared to, back in my 'glory days'.

I will never look back and cannot recommend TNE highly enough.


I’m a big fan of the TNE approach - you can simply follow the journey and implement any changes to whatever degree suits you. For anyone that is looking to make a positive change to their health and fitness, for any reason, TNE is the place to start.

Christine Maier

Christine Mair

I’ve been finding The Natural Edge to be a brilliant resource in regards to making more informed choices about various aspects of my lifestyle, especially in terms of sleeping and recovery. The community is really helpful and friendly, always interesting to hear other people’s experiences. I’ve found their philosophy of ‘small steps lead to big changes’ to work really well for me.

Theresa Hayes

I have seen a real difference in my diet, fitness and overall wellbeing since joining the TNE Academy. I finally ditched fad diets, instead opting for fresh non-processed real foods and learnt the importance of sleep, nutrition, switching off and getting outdoors. I lost weight and inches without counting a calorie and my body shape noticeably changed.

The workouts are challenging but achievable and following the exercises helped me get much fitter and go up several groups at my local running club.

The Academy is easy to follow online anytime, anywhere and the TNE community are really encouraging and informative to help you stay motivated and committed. I would personally recommend TNE Academy as I quickly saw results and learned what really works long term.



TNE has helped me regain perspective on my approaches to nutrition, my health and my fitness; built on simple, but often overlooked, foundations of good nutrition, quality sleep habits, intermittent fasting and regular exercise. Simon has built a very inclusive group all keen to contribute and learn from each others experiences with a shared goal of improving themselves. I've really enjoyed making a concerted effort to change my habits after reading the benefits published by Simon - and it must work, look at what he's accomplished!

Kevin Barnsley

As someone who runs ultra marathons and multi-stage races, I am always looking for marginal gains, that edge that makes things just a little bit easier. A large component of this is food.

I have to eat for fueling and for recovery ensuring that I get the correct amount of macronutrients and used to eat what seemed like continually throughout the day. What The Natural Edge provided was a means of changing the way I look at food and the way I experience it.

My body composition has changed with a reduction in body fat and especially visceral fat and this without ‘dieting’. I have more energy and no post-lunch slump, I am alert and don’t easily lose concentration. The quality of my sleep has improved significantly by making small suggested changes to my environment and routine, important for not only for my training recovery but day to day life.

There is also a thriving community of like minded individuals sharing their experiences, recipes, information, and tips for a better quality of life. I am very glad to have not only found The Natural Edge but of being an example of what it can achieve.

I have some big plans for this and next year, including running across Iceland for the second time. The Natural Edge has my back, of that I have no doubt.

Kev Barnsley
Sophie Tyas

Sophie Tyas

I’ve been following The Natural Edge programme for a few months now and I can honestly say I feel so much better for it, my performance in the gym has improved, as well as my body shape and how much energy I have. Thank you TNE!

Jonathon Edwards

I found TNE in February and I soon realised that there was a lot more to it than I first thought. The tutorials around habits were truly inspiring and after watching the identity based habit video, I went away and really took stock of what I wanted to do in my career. I find the community to be a great source of information and support, both from other members and the TNE team. I feel like we are all in it together, and if I have a bad day with I can rely on the team to get me back on track.

Jonathan Edwards
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29th Scottish Game Fair
Pictured Shirley Smart who was competing in the ladies Day clay pigeon shoot.


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Shirley Alexandra

I was a competitive shooter for 8 years, travelling all over the world training and competing. I had been aiming for the Scottish Shooting team but due to my extreme fatigue and lack of energy it was not possible for me to continue training and reluctantly I had to give up my competitive shooting completely.

Finally I had enough of my tiredness, which was preventing me from not only my training but so much more in life - I was in a constant state of fatigue and my every day was just disappearing as I struggled to function.

I came across TNE through a friend and it’s been just over a month since I've been following the recommendations/advice and I can honestly say the difference in my energy levels is incredible. I am back training twice a week, back to a normal sleep pattern, my mood has improved dramatically, my skin has improved and I am back in my competitive spirit. Considering how little time I’ve been making changes I’m super excited to see how I will be feeling in 6 months!

Richard Cook

To a certain degree everyone in life is seeking an edge within themselves, whether that be physical, mental or spiritual. In an age where you see advertisements for the latest product, or a big revelation to give you those quick results only to be replaced weeks later by the next craze which continues to generate unfounded outcomes. I can assure you that Simon and The Natural Edge instead bring us back to the roots of true optimal human performance and longevity. The Natural Edge provides a blueprint that makes it achievable to live a wholesome, balanced life. Producing results in mind, body and soul from nothing but the natural way.

Richard Cook

Sarah-Jayne Jordan

I first came to The Academy from a recommendation from a friend. I was looking for inspiration to help me along my health and wellbeing journey and was getting deflated by the abundance of conflicting information out there about what is good for you and what isn't. I was changing my lifestyle and my old habits but I was struggling as I didn't have like minded people supporting me. I was terrible with sleep, losing too much weight, suffering with skin issues and not really feeling at my best.

A year or so on all that has changed and I'm feeling great and I know I can turn to the academy for support when I need it! Being part of this awesome community I have learned so much and the knowledge I have gained is invaluable! There is a true team spirit within the group and I have met some awesome people who I am proud to call my friends along the way. There is a wealth of knowledge within the academy and if you are unsure about anything a shout out to the group and someone will always help you out. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain by being a part of The Natural Edge!

Stuart Marsh

I can honestly say The Natural Edge has had a positive impact on my life since finding Simon’s instagram account by accident. After struggling with my weight for years I really have found a place where I can not only improve my health but also myself as a whole person with all the other aspects Simon talks about.

The Academy is very easy to follow and started to have a huge impact on my life almost immediately, especially the fasting and changes to my diet. I also love being part of the Facebook group. It is very friendly and everyone is helpful with anything you post which makes you feel like you are part of a growing community of like minded people who want to not only improve themselves but help you improve yourself.

I think the most comforting thing about TNE is that it all feels really personal. It's not some mass produced algorithm churning out a pre programmed response. I think because of the way the team is it spreads through the rest of the group. Everyone wants to help each other.

Since finding TNE I feel like I’m back on track in life, I’m much happier, my stress and issues with work have nearly been resolved and I feel great.

Stuart Marsh
Version 2

Petrina Glass

Since discovering The Natural Edge my habits around eating and training/exercise have changed massively, and all for the better! The team have given me information and advice that has allowed me to find what works best for me.

The changes around food have led onto me generally being happier, which I guess is down to the science bit, and my attitude towards my general well being more focused. My training has come on amazingly and I have again learnt to listen and respect my body, knowing the difference between being tired and lazy!

Simon and the team are so supportive, informative and above all passionate.. I am so grateful to have found this!

Dean Young

I’ve been following the TNE program and I’ve managed to get my training slowly back in order starting with small steps. I’ve been running, swimming and also started CrossFit and have somehow managed to find a balance around quite a busy work and family life. Not quite sure how but it’s all fallen into a nice manageable routine.

I would definitely say that mindset, nutrition and sleep have been my weakest points up until finding you guys. It’s put me right back on track and I feel a lot more confident, healthier and happier in everyday situations.

I was feeling at rock bottom a few months ago with no plan or routine and just felt completely lost, unorganised and quite frankly not in control of my own decisions. I have been too busy pleasing everyone else and getting nothing back other than a pay cheque.

When I started the Mindset RX Course in the Academy my morning notes were really sad and miserable and just hating a lot of things in life. It’s an eye opener looking back through my notes in such a short space of time because I’m seeing things so much brighter and positively now.

So thank you. You really have made a difference and I feel I’m getting back to where I was when I felt my best.

I 100% believe in this program and I hope I never fall back into my old unorganised grumpy ways.

Honiton Tri – 9.7.17 –
Katie Dorey

Katie Dorey

I have loved being part of TNE Academy for the past year or so. This group has kept me on the wagon when all I wanted was a bar of Dairy Milk to ease (aka comfort eat) my embarrassment when my toddler ran onto a football pitch during a Sunday league match, threw herself down and proceeded to have a tantrum, (causing the game to be stopped for me to retrieve said child).

Through the evenings when I served my husband plant-based meals only to be asked why I had served him “a bunch of side dishes”. Although TNE covers a lot on fitness, health and performance, it has also helped me on a completely different level. I took one of the theories they talk about and translated it to my own life. This is how TNE helped me find my new identity.

By Spring 2018 I had been a SAHM (stay at home mum) for just about a year, a decision that was not entirely of my own choosing. Prior to that I had been a Police Officer and worked for the police for 12 years. A career path chosen as it reflected who I was, and I reflected what policing was, we were well suited and to be honest I felt it had been snatched away from me.

Like a lot of new mums, I really struggled with a loss of identity when my daughter was born, and now being a SAHM, I really did feel that any trace of who I was pre-baby was now long gone. I felt I was just simply ‘mum of’, ‘wife of’ and even referred to as the dog’s mum at the vets!

One evening I sat in front of my husband sobbing, I didn’t want to be ungrateful, but I was so lost and unhappy, other than mum and wife duties, I had no personal focus, no goal to work towards, I had gone from being part of something (the police service), where I had an identity, I had a reason and a purpose to be there, to a place in life where my only goal was to get to bedtime in one piece.

So there I was, in a kind of no man’s land; I wasn’t the ‘old me’, I was never going to be that person again but I also had no idea who the ‘new me’ was or even where or how to start! I came across TNE in March 2018, initially I was attracted to more plant-based eating, gut health discussions etc. A few weeks in and Simon posted his weekly update which happened to be ‘Identity Based Habits’. For me it was one of the most impactful pieces I have ever read.

It made me realise that I could change my identity, what I identified with and what identified me. I sat down and really looked at what I wanted to be… calmer, fitter, stronger, a clean eater, but more than that there was something about this article that made me realise I can be more than an ex police officer and current SAHM, I could have a second career. I had dismissed this idea up until now as it wasn’t something I could action straight away (childcare mostly) so why bother thinking about it at all.

So there I was setting myself a new career path, but this time I looked and focused on the process, (after all as TNE teaches it is a theory of ‘process over event’). My event would be landing the new dream job, but the process, the bit I can start today, that is what has 90% of my attention right now.

Today I am writing this whilst bouncing my 5 month old baby in his bouncer and in between studying for an A Level in psychology. This is the first step in my ‘process’ to a new career – relevant and manageable. Alongside this I have started reading articles and books relating to mental health and people’s personal experiences, I record TV documentaries and watch them whilst my daughter is in pre school. I’m showing an interest now in where I want to be in the future. I’ll use the next two years to complete my A Level, then I will look at what my next move will be, and so on until I reach my target goal of a career in Mental Health.

I find myself now taking what seem to be big obstacles or targets and breaking them down into processes rather than focusing on the main event. After having my second baby I decided it was time to get fit (again) and shift the remaining baby weight. 2 weeks ago I turned up to my first Parkrun, on my own. I really had to break it down to absolute basics, put my gym kit on, turn up (don’t turn around and go home), walk to the start line… 1km, 2km, to the next tree… 3km, 4km… to the bench, the pond, ok there’s the finish line! Week 2, I wanted to run farther without stopping, I wanted to be quicker, but still ran it km by km… and this is how I will get fit (and trim).

I could go on with examples of how I have applied this theory to my everyday life, and I will truly never have enough of the right words to express my gratitude! Once you stop focusing all your attention on what can sometimes be an overwhelming event, and instead put all your efforts in to taking your first step, then your second, then your third, before you know it you will soon be where you want to be, the new you!

TNE is not a diet plan or exercise programme, but what it is, is a guide through the minefield of 'health', how to boost your performance through diet, sleep and habits. I am in no way an athlete, but I am a mum who now has more energy, spark, determination and drive, and I couldn't ask for anything more.