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The Only Diet That Matters

Whatever we do in this world dictates the outcomes and results that occur in our lives.

But, WHY do you make certain decisions, take certain actions and say certain things?

Because of what we take IN.

Our Diet, and no not just our nutrition and the stuff we eat (although that is still important).

I’m talking about the diet of your LIFE.

Just like your body adapts to what you eat, your mind adapts to what you consume.

It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read and what you take in that affects how you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Every self-limiting belief anyone has ever had has come from an outside source.

You are not born with the belief you’re not good enough.

You’re not born with the belief that you should be unfit and unhealthy.

You’re not born with ANY thought or assumption you have about your character.

Somewhere along the path, it was programmed into your subconscious by an external force.

These external forces include every experience you’ve had, the people you interact with; parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, plus all the information you consume.

Takeaway Tactic

Ask yourself… 

Do your actions on a daily basis help you become the person you want to be?


Do they keep you stuck in a cycle of thoughts and behaviours which sabotage ‘YOU’ (your potential in life) and your happiness?

Take a moment and ask whether the following help you or hold you back in your life right now:

  • The news you consume
  • The social media you scroll through
  • Who you spend your time with
  • Where you spend your time (your environments)
  • How you respond to all of the above

If you want to change the outcomes you are getting right now then you must be mindful of the things you are feeding into yourself.

The more intentional you are with this the easier it will be to achieve success and happiness.

Have a great week and remember to clean up your Life Diet!

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